Truth & Knowledge


I am about Truth and Knowledge. I am also a Spiritual Teacher and a Researcher of Prophecy, Religions, History, the Illuminati, the New World Order, and all things pertaining to the situation that we find ourselves in today. I live according to the teachings of the Servant of the LORD, Yeshua; serve under the Seraphim and Archangel Uriel my gaurdian; and I worship only ADONAI ELOHIM ( the LORD our G-D ) my Father, The Creator of all that there is; He by whose Breath all Life is given, and by whose Word all things are done.

Given my duty and obligation to my Father ADONAI ELOHIM, my work is determined by the meaning of the name of the one I serve under, the Seraphim and Archangel Uriel, which is ” He who brings forth the Light of ADONAI ( G-D ) “, this Light being the Wisdom of ADONAI which is True Knowledge.


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