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Here you will find videos on all relevant topics that appear on this blog not contained on it’s various pages … You will most assuredly want to check back on this page on a regular basis, as new videos will appear as they are found.

Unfortunately the first two videos will need to be watched on YouTube. Just click on the video if you wish to go view them.

The Secret Of Lucifer part 1

The Secret of Lucifer part 2 ~ The Test ~




9 11 TRUTH Proof That Flights 175 11 were remotely flown into the WTC Towers.


If this happens, and chances are great it will, they will use it to start the war against Iran they have planned. What makes it even more highly likely is that the Mossad is in charge of Security for these games. Video below –

2012 Predictions, London Olympics, NWO, Royal Family… Its Time To Wake Up

[Concerning the above video] This discussion covers a wide variety of interconnected subjects which all correspond with the “NWO Conspiracy”… Scary thing is…. Rik Clay Supposedly Commited Suicide shortly after the release of this content … [While being dead on in most of his conclusions, Rik Clay in his approach to this subject missed certain other fields of research that would have been the ” glue that binds ” all separate pieces into a whole … N.P.]

2012 ZION London False-Flag?


Illuminati The Freemasonry and Zionism – The Master Plan To Rule The World

Who owns America ? .. Ask Congress


2012 Imran Hosein – US Iran Syria Zionists Unnatural Disaster – Part 2

Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein (Arabic: نزار عمران حسين) is a prominent Islamic Scholar, Philosopher and Author, specialising in Islamic Eschatology, World Politics, Economy, Modern Socio-economic/Political Issues and expert on International Affairs. He is the author of Jerusalem in the Qur’an.


The Power Behind the New World Order

Aquarius – Age of Evil
This is a very important video, a must see for everyone.

Age of Deceit – Fallen Angels & the New World Order

The Book of Enoch
This Book can be a hard read; it is filled with information on Angels, the Heavens, and Prophesy. Many discount the Book of Enoch altogether, but I feel this is in error, it should be read by all.

The New Age – (The Enemy of the Messiah Exposed) – [Viewer Discretion is Advised]



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