Truth & Knowledge

The Occult Side of the Illuminati

The Illuminati 2 – The Antichrist Conspiracy

This film focuses on the Satanic/occult side of the Illuminati and their plot for world domination.

For many people this is the most difficult part to believe. Black magic, Luciferian and Satanic practices and beliefs, the truly evil and dark side of the Illuminati and how they really work. The Anti-Christ/False Messiah/Dajjal and how he comes into power over the earth and mankind.

While many have no problem in seeing the New World Order or One World Government that has come into being, they are unaware of, or do not realize is how all of this is the fulfillment of Prophesy. Be those the Apocalyptic writings of the Jewish religion, Revelations, Islam, or even those of peoples and cultures worldwide, Prophesy is being fulfilled. Prophesy is as much a part of the New World Order as the air that you breath.

Unless and until you grasp the fact that these occult practices, beliefs, and Prophecy are a part of all that is occurring in the set up of the New World Order/One World Government, you will only posses half of the picture and knowledge of it. You must KNOW your enemy in order to fight it !

(All videos are in the correct order, parts 6 & 7 were originally listed incorrectly and should be reversed as you find them here.)

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